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Firearm Transfers

Fees: (Effective October 1st 2020)

$50 Long gun(Receiver/shotgun/rifle)*

$50 Handgun(plus $12 for background check)*

$150 NFA Items

Machine Guns: Minimum $250(price on request)

*Additional firearms being transferred at the same time will be $50 per gun. *After 30 days of a gun or guns not being picked up, a $30/month ($1/day) storage fee will be added to each firearms transfer fee, unless prior arrangements have been made. Once storage fees have exceeded the value of the firearm, or if we have stored it for one full calendar year, it will be considered abandoned and will become property of Select Fire Weaponry. Denied background checks on transfers are still subject to transfer fee. Customer is responsible to make arrangements to have gun either returned to seller or appeal process completed in 30 days or the gun becomes ours. Refusal of a transfer still subjects you to all fees.
*All Transfers received with no customer or seller contact info will be returned to sender. Please ensure your contact information is provided to the seller and included with the gun being sent in.
*Transfers will be ready to be picked up once logged into our system and customer is called, not when the delivery notice is received. We receive many packages daily and may not get your transfer processed until the next day. We will call and always leave a voicemail if voicemail box is set up and not full. To ensure our call doesn't get picked up by a spam filter, please add our phone number 262-923-7181 to your contacts list.

We will notify you when you can pick up your gun. The tracking information may say it has been delivered, but it does not mean we have had a chance to check it in our system yet. We will call you as soon as we can.

Also to ensure for accuracy of your order. Be sure that the seller you are purchasing the gun from includes a receipt that clearly states the Make/Importer, Model, Serial number, Caliber as well as your contact info.

Excessive additional accessories may be subject to additional fees unless arrangements have been made.

From another Dealer:
Email or call the shop with the information of which dealer you are purchasing it from and we will send them our FFL. If they require an order number please provide that to us as well. If you are buying from a big name online retailer who has a copy of our FFL, there is no need to contact us prior, simply select us and we will call you when it is in and processed.

From an Individual:

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