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We Want to Buy Guns!

All types! Antiques, Machine Guns, Modern or Classic Firearms!


How to Sell:


Bring your gun(s) into our shop during our normal business hours - no appointment needed!


If we come to an agreement on price we typically will pay you in cash!


Estates and larger collections may be more convenient for us to come out and visit you. Call and ask for Kris, or email to make an appointment!

What we buy:

EVERYTHING! We buy all types of firearms. From LEGAL machine guns, to antique rifles and anything in between, we want to buy them all! We specialize in used military surplus firearms so we are always searching for more!

We also are in the market for certain military surplus items including: Bayonets, knives, holsters, firearm parts and accessories.

Why sell to us?:

Our offers are typically higher than that of our competitors due to our high turn over rate of used guns. We will try to give you the most money for your firearm(s).

We pay cash for guns! as long as we have enough on site to cover the purchase cost, we will pay you in cash for your convenience!


We offer appraisal services for individual pieces or collections. Appraisals will be written on company letterhead and will serve as a legal document in court for estates/divorces. We also offer Appraisals for insurance purposes. We base all values off of current market value and condition of the items being appraised.


Appraisal Pricing Structure(Minimum $75/report):

1-9 Guns $25/ Gun

10+ Guns $150/ Hour including time to prepare report

Offsite appraisals: Minimum of 2 Hours no matter how many guns.

Any appraisal fee will be reimbursed in the future if we end up

purchasing at least 3/4 of the guns being appraised. If we purchase at time of appraisal, no appraisal fee will be charged.


Consigning your firearms to us is another good option and allows you to keep 80% of what your gun sells for in our store. Our experienced staff will help you come up with price for you to sell your firearm in a timely matter and still receive the most out of your investment(s).

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