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Meet the Staff!

Owner: Kris Maves
Kris was brought up working in the Gun industry with his father. He has been around Firearms all of his life. Graduated from the Colorado school of trades for Gunsmithing in 2012 He loves collecting unique an obscure firearms of all makes and origins.

General Manager: Steven Schara
Steve's passion in the industry stems from helping people pick good guns that are right for them. Its easy for anyone to sell someone just any gun, but Steve takes pride in steering people to make good choices. Steve is super passionate about all things AK related. 

NFA/Online Sales Manager: Mike Quinn
Mike grew up around guns as a reenactor of many periods of war. He loves collecting vintage military rifles. Mike is incredibly patient and kind, which is what makes him perfect for being in charge of dealing with all of the challenges we face dealing with anything NFA related.

Part Time Sales Staff:
Derrick Vance
Derrick gained a love for firearms with his Brother at a young age. It was always a hobby they were able to enjoy together. When Derrick isn't behind our counter, you will find him at the range Taking some form of Firearms Training course. Derrick loves taking the time with people to teach them his knowledge of firearms he has gained from all of his advanced firearms training.

Jake Hausen
Jake grew up collecting and shooting firearms with his father. The love they share for guns really helps strengthen the bond the two of them have. When jake started at Select Fire his dad was so proud of him for taking the next step into the world of firearms. Now two years later Jake has an increased passion and love of firearms and the firearms community. When Jake is behind the counter, you know you"ll be getting excellent customer service

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